Année 2019 | Genre Film | Lng EN | Timing 90'
Scénariste Jonny Wilson
Réalisateur Jonny Wilson
Casting Akin Gazi
(Co)Production True Liberty Films (UK)
Synopsis Mo Popal is on a downward spiral of self-hatred, and is bent on self-destruction. He isn’t a risk taker, but Mo is both a taxi driver and gambler, who loses badly on the horses and owes a gangster. In his city, a strangeness and darkness follows our anti-hero like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. And it’s only when he meets a young woman, Jenie, a psychic does Mo gradually realize the depth of his hatred for himself. And he feels this dark despair even more when it seems that his new friend Jenie can grant wishes in the way of providing dead cert winners. On meeting Jenie, he sees a new journey of redemption. He’s a man who had everything back home in Syria, and wants to be at zero to start again without the baggage of his past. These moments of magic with Jenie give Mo a lust for a different life or so his gangster friends believe as he takes them on a last journey. He immerses Jenie into his illicit, underground world as his relationship deepens with her, Mo must take a gamble on who should be given a second chance. Him or Jenie.